Breaking Bad Final Season!

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  1. Hey peoples of the planet!
    I am in love with this glorious show called "Breaking Bad".
    It is my favorite show in the history of mankind
    I like it
    I like it a lot.
    I watched all 5 seasons in 45 days. I went crazy for them.
    But it all ends starting August 11th!
    I am so excited for the final season I cannot bear it.
    So I was thinking it would be fun to have a thread about how we think its all gonna end.
    Since this show contains a solid story, I ask that any Spoilers be put in a Spoiler (Funny how that works out) so that anybody still getting caught up wont have the joy of surprise taken from them.

    Here is my dream ending:
    Hank found out about Walt, but plays dumb about it, so he can gain more info on the Gus Fring case. Walt starts suspecting Hank knows, so he asks Saul for the identity swap (this all happens over the course of a few episodes) Walt makes the fatal mistake of telling Jessie, who decides to tell to cops about where Walt is. Fast forward to the start of season 5. Walt knows the DEA is on to him. He prepares for a shootout. Shootout happens and Walt dies, along with Hank. Skylar is then arrested for her part in it, so is Lydia. The end of the show is WaltJr finding where they kept the money.
  2. ha, they so wont kill him, he coulda-shoulda died so many times. but i like your guess
  3. He can't die because He's the one that knocks now........
  4. I can't wait, I don't really wanna guess though. I want it to be a surprise :p

    It's already the final season btw ;)
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  5. The reason I think he will die is because if he didn't, than really the villain would win. As much as Walt is portrayed as a "good guy" with an "honorable motive" (at least for the first 3 seasons) He really is the one who killed countless people and sold tons of meth. I think it would be a fitting end if he was to die.

    I hate half seasons! :p Still I'm counting this as a different season just cuz...