Breaking and Filling [SERVICE]

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  1. Today i've decided to do the dirty work and clear your reses of dirt, old buildings and anything you dont want there in general. I will also repair your residences for exmple if you needed 1 layer of iron blocks put onto the floor of your res ill do it all for you, as long as your provide the items.



    Dirt clearence : 400r per layer (maximum 20 layers)

    Building demolishing: Depending on size



    Dirt repairs : 300r per layer (you provide blocks)

    Building Repairs: Depending on size

    Easy builds (just building up or down etc: 32 per stack of blocks used

    Flooring: Same as dirt repairs.


    Ordering Criteria:




    Price: ( If prices are stated above)


  2. BUMP

    First order please :p
  3. I'd like to be a possible employee? If not I have some minor dirt clearing on my res
  4. Pm sent,

  5. If you cleared our res do we get the items back?
  6. Of course
  7. I have a building I want demolished soon. I need a few days to clear some storage/item frames out. Look up and down at 2209, and let me know a price range please.
  8. I'll be able to get back on EMC in 2 days, should give you time to move your storage. If you want a rough price ill send someone to check it out and ill give you an idea of the price.