Brandop123 and dylandad1 want a skyblock server.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by brandop123, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Me and dylan dont know how to make servers so could someone that does make us one?
    If you decide to make use one it MUST be skyblock 1.2 and you can play to.
    we thank you very much if you will.
    P.S. only 3 people should be allowed on.these 3 will be me,dylan,and the maker of it.
  2. if i can (not saying i could) could i join?
  3. yes.
  4. Or just find a skybox sever.
  5. no cuz those are notmally done/completed.
  6. Well then you will just have to get over it. EMC isn't a sever for this.
  7. im asking someone to MAKE a server not on emc just a private 1.
  8. im attempting to run a server
    ill tell u if its a success or not
  9. ok :)
  10. its confusing.. think if i tell you how u can do it?
  11. DONT advertise servers here. This will result in a ban if u do so. EMC Is not a place to duscuss making other servers and not a place to advertise.
  12. i give... and okay
  13. it's hard cause my router isn't on the list :(
  14. dude we are not advertising a server for anyone but us to play on its a private server that only us 3 will be aloowed on.
  15. May I ask, Why can't you just make your own server and host it on your PC?
  16. if all you want is a vanilla server for skyblock, i can show you how to run a hamachi server, its honestly not that hard to do. just a .exe and hamachi
  17. Making servers are fun ^_^ ask JustinGuy I am sure he has 200% experience with that ;)