Brand New Stronghold.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Sir_Creeper, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Yep, I found a new stronghold that has been unexplored.
    The signs was Supposed to have GMT at the End.
  2. Well done :)
  3. What server, if you don't mind my asking. I would like to help you keep and preserve the stronghold. If we could keep people from destroying it, we could make it a museum or something.
  4. Fine, I'll tell i was going to keep it a secret but Smp4.
  5. Then I know of three strongholds on SMP4, one of which I discovered.
  6. Winning!
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  7. +1 for Sir_Creeper! :)

    It would make a nice museum, I agree. If somebody griefs it, we'll see what can be done about that.
  8. So... are there a limited number of strongholds in each server? Or is it just a matter of roaming far enough?
  9. I think theres 3 Stronghold per Map, Correct me if im wrong.
  10. Originally, there was only one stronghold per map. This was bumped up to 3 in 1.8.1, and further increased to... well, it's about 73100 now. The act of finding every stronghold would take a theoretically infinite amount of time. Which means there are an infinite amount of strongholds as of 1.9pre2.

    If that helps.
  11. It does. Immensely. ^_^
  12. However... the MCwiki still says that there are only 3 per map. Are you sure your information is accurate?
    Or are you just playing me for a noob?
  13. The amount of strongholds was theoretically infinite, but I guess Notch didn't like that. (My 1.9pre2 world has 5 marked strongholds) I guess I'm just behind the times. :p
  14. It's cool. I was just checking. ;)
    I'll keep hoping for more strongholds!