Brand new Smp3 (6493) shop remodel looking to involve you!

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  1. Hey guys! I have tried 6 different types of stores and i think i have finally found a perfect way to involve people in order to create a (almost) never out of stock store!
    Basically i have many different items for sale (ores, building materials, and enchanted picks) and in order to involve everyone (without just selling to me) i have created a design so that you get to sell your items to people (my customers included) for free! All you have to do (of course) is keep up your end of the bargain and keep your chest in stock. I will even supply you with the chest/signs!
    Here are some pictures of what it looks like...
    Now if you are interested in joining my shop just send me a private message or comment below in this format...
    1. What item(s) you would like to stock
    2. How often you are on mine craft
    Now i will be price fixing (everyone sells same items for same prices) to eliminate competition and to just maintain the kind of market i am looking for! Thanks for your help and I am looking forward to your help! 2012-04-04_15.40.37.png 2012-04-04_15.40.42.png 2012-04-04_15.40.46.png 2012-04-04_15.40.53.png 2012-04-04_15.41.00.png 2012-04-04_15.41.31.png 2012-04-04_15.41.52.png
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  2. There is still plenty of chest space at my shop! And if you would rather sell me materials instead let me know