Brand New Mega Mall Deluxe in smp4- residence 8144

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  1. I am opening up my mall in only 4 days! It will open up July 25th. I am not sure what time though. I have closed off movement on my residence until it opens, you can still see my blood, sweat, and tears from a nearby residence. I will be selling almost everything! May not have the best prices right away because I had to compare to other shops. One thing i will guarantee is everything will be in stock (some more than others). You can get an idea for what all I will by clicking in my signature. I will not be selling enchanted items right now but plan on offering some in the future.

    Are you also a resident of smp4? Than this message is for you!
    I will be offering free advertising with a teleporter to your residence. Whether you have a shop or an overall legit residence, you can advertise on my residence for Free. I need to know your In-game name, residence number, and up to one sign worth of a message. I prefer to get this by private message on the website; but i will also take this on this thread and in game. I reserve the right to remove your advertisement at any point and time without warning, i will try to be as convenient as possible though.

    My shop does have a few Public utilities such as brewing stands and enchanting tables. I will be missing several items/ when my store opens such as slimeballs, blaze rods, ore blocks, iron blocks. Etc.

    Prices will be adjusted the first couple weeks to find a happy median. Please be respectful and not criticize my shop, but kindly inform me if something isn't right./ way over priced. This has been a several month long project that i plan to be successful.

    Finally I want to end with a shoutout to my business partner and great friend - quite_indeed who joined about a month ago and has helped ever since
  2. Any screenshots ??? :)
  3. Sure give me just a minute


    Here is the Overview of my entire "tower" of a shop- It was rather difficult to make the best screenshot for this

    This shows my Index on the left which lists out every item I sell in alphabetical order with the floor number on it.
    On the right is teleporters for my 10 Floors in my shop.

    This is an example of what a floor looks like- This happens to be the 2nd level selling various construction Blocks- Wool, Nether Items, Grass, etc.
  4. This is awesome and would you mind advertising me?
    IGN: _Stads_
    Res: 9088
    Sign Text (type exactly as written here): Clock Tower && Stads Co. Store
    & is an and symbol do it twice no spaces. Clock Tower && is third line and Stads Co. Store is forth

    I want it to say on the first line exactly this so it's in color: &1_Stads_
    And on the second exactly this:&1-9088-

  5. Consider it done
  6. Wow- i just realized I didn't turn waypoints off. Oh well, my mistake

    I might have to fix that- i have some rather random named waypoints on there.
  7. Thanks :D
  8. lol
  9. Ok fixed :D I still can't believe I did this- Back on track for success though
  10. As said business partner/great friend I approve of this post. You'll never see an awesome mega mall like this one, promise :)
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  11. Shop opens up on 8144 in just 5 Minutes- Everything will be in stock when I open- I can't make any promises after that!