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  1. Where? SMP 4/Res # 9201
    When? June 8th, 2013
    Why? There is a need for shops on SMP 4.
    What? Modern Mega Mall
    Who? Frosty_Penguin
    Hey guys, I have begun construction and am still undergoing changes as I go along to my new mega mall being built on smp4. I will sell almost all of your needs and will always be highly in stock,especially diamonds at a reasonable price! I decided to build a mall because there isn't really one on smp4 that is reliable enough to go to on a regular basis. I will also accept special orders prior to opening, so you can get materials even before the mall opens on res # 9201! This will be the first of many updates leading up to grand opening on June 8th, 2013. This shop will be the go-to for all of your needs at low costs, yet a high quantity. PICTURE BELOW!!! 2013-02-24_02.47.10.png
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  2. Cool looking forward to it even though im on smp7 :p