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  1. HEY!

    My in game name is Bowtie_Warrior and I am new here, after the server I used to Admin closed I have been looking for a nice Towny server to play comfortably at. I really would like to be staff again one day so I plan to stay around for a while and help out as much as I can bringing new members and following all rules as well as anything else I can do.

    My stay on this server seems permanent as other Towny servers aren't as active with members and staff and when in the middle of ravines or large cities can cause massive lag. I am enjoying my stay so far and can't wait to enjoy the server :)

    For a little bit about me, my name is Bryce, I am an 18 year old male Australian and have played Minecraft for a few years. I play lots of games such as The Walking Dead, Last of Us, Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts and Minecraft obviously. I love Doctor Who, Avatar and no I have never seen Game of Thrones and don't intend to, just doesn't seem intriguing.

    Everyone seems nice so far so 10/10 and I hope to see you all soon!
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  2. testman12345 says hi!
  3. :cool:
    Welcome to the Empire!
  4. Welcome to the Empire Bryce. You will have to check out the Skyrim forum. Enjoy your stay on this great server and have fun. :)
  5. Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy it here. :)
  6. Welcome, More and More Australians seems to be joining these days. We are getting strong...
  7. Welcome to EMC, Bowtie!
  8. Welcome to EMC! We bet you'll love it here :D
  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)