[BOUGHT] Lots of Obsidian

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  1. Im buying lots of Obsidian in total I will be buying up to 8DC's.
    Sell in chest at 9272 spawn. I will check it daily and empty it so people can sell more.

    Buying at 20r per block
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  2. bump, still need at least 2-3 DCs
  3. Still needing some obsidian bump
  4. needing 1 more DC, come on people
  5. I suspect he knows how to mine it himself. It is probably more worth it for him to buy it versus doing it himself.
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  7. Even I'm too lazy to drop in more than a couple stacks a day, and this is great money :) lol
  8. I do have an obsidian gen, but mining for hours on end will set my project to far back. I have managed to buy enough obsidian for half the needs I will need. I'm at a stage where only testing will tell if I need more obsidian. Once I finished this first part I'll probably make a video with my partner in crime and showcase the project.... Trust me you'll like what you see.

    On a side note I will be using the extra obsidian not used in my project towards another obsidian grief party.
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  9. Just sold some to you now, I might or might not be able to get some more...
  10. I have purchased enough obsidian for this batch. I will have the thread closed and reopen a new thread when I will be needing more.

    Thank you all that have sold me obsidian
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