Bought Diamond then couldnt get into any EMC severs

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  1. So i was playing fine just buying stuff in the shop and then i realized "hmm i only get 100 rupees a day and i really want more" so i bought diamond.
    So Right after i buy diamond i see a little message in EMC saying my status has been changed from Regular to Diamond and i was like :D so i continue on buying stuff in the shop.

    But then i randomly run out of rupees from buying 64 sticks but i know i couldnt have i just got 1300+ from buying diamond...
    I try checking my rupee balance but i cant exactly remember what it said but it was something to do with no being about to connect to rupees account idk all in all it wouldnt let me see my rupees balance.
    Then i decided to disconnect and reconnect and see if that works but then when i try to reconnect to any of the EMC severs it says and i quote "Join Free for instant access at: code *******" yet i all ready have an account and i already join and I just bought diamond so what i gods name makes it want to say this to me?
    Im very confused but a little frustrated because i only have 1 month to use diamond and then the second i buy it that shows up and the clock is ticking...
  2. not to worry about your supporter status that will work when the serers are working
    The servers, well they should be working again very soon Justin and ICC seem to be very quik in these kinds of situations they are great staff :) All we can do is wait
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  3. Also, if there's an unexpected delay in fixing it, or anything like that, ICC will put something on the homepage so keep an eye out there. As Killerbyte said, it probably wont take long though. :)
    EDIT: it's fixed :)