[Bought] 2014 Labour Bench

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  1. Yea I think I lost mine soo anyone sell me another one? I want the 2014 one because I'm not spending more money just because it's a year older! As cheap as you can please, thanks! I'll go anything lower than 20k!
  2. You can pick one of these up at 8992, smp4 :)
  3. That's the promo shop right? They were out of stock. I also wanted to see if I could get it cheaper xD but thanks anyways
  4. Hmmm, thought they were in stock, ill get online and see what i got
  5. kk ^w^
  6. There was 2 in stock.... and priced at 19k each...
  7. In your shop? If so what server?
  8. Thanks
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