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  1. Here i have an auction of Bottles O' LEVELING UP!
    No lowball offers plz.
    1 Stack
    Serious Buyers only
  2. This is an invalid auction

    -Regular Items
    Regular items are any items in Vanilla Minecraft, that are not listed separately here. They must be auctioned off in full double chest quantities. All items must have full durability.
  3. how do i d
    how do i do that
  4. Please read the stickied posts in the auction section for the rules on setting up an auction.
  5. um it says you can do potions
  6. The OP is missing a starting bid, a minimum bid increment, an end time, and a pickup location, and the product itself is invalid, as already pointed out, so this thread is locked, and you'll have to start a new one once you understand the auction rules.

    EDIT: Also, bottles o' enchanting are not actual potions. The reason you can auction 54 potions is because that's how many would make a double-chest. Bottles o' enchanting, however, stack to 64, and are not potions, meaning they fall into the "Regular Items" category.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.