Both Emc 2013 forth of July fireworks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by g26curtis, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. 1 emc
    1 4th of July firework

    Starting bid 100k
    Raise by 5k
    Auction ends 24 hrs after last bid
  2. 100k is steep for them, you can still get them 20k each at /shop for another 6.5 hours :/
  3. You can still buy them today at /shop... Also, is that 5k increase a min, max, or?
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  4. Exactly another 6.5 hours and you can't get them for 20k no harm in putting it up now.

    Special emc items will sell for a lot


    If they don't sell now I can always sell them later

    5k is min increase
  5. Whilst it's true that they may go up to 50k each at some point, it's worth noting that they certainly won't straight away. So it's worth setting the starting bid low and then have it go higher, as few people would like to start so high.
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  6. I apologize if this comes off as rude, but I want to put this into a better scenario.

    A commercial goes on TV in front of 1,000 people (the announcements that randomly went off throughout the servers) and people are able to get a free golden quarter or a free platinum dime (the fireworks) with the option to buy more for $1,000 (20,000r). Almost all of the 1,000 people watching snag a free one, and some even had family members get one and give it to them due to the one per person limit (alts). The free coin offer is about to end in a day (6.5 hours) and somebody goes to an auction event and attempts to auction off 2 coins for a starting bid of $5,000 (100,000r) even though that's still 5x as much as you can still get them for.

    I hope you understand what we're saying now.
  7. I understand exactly what your saying but

    There's no harm in posting this

    Sooner or later some bodies going to want these and the value will be that much at some point, mabye not right away

    Besides they will not be on sale soon and I will be the only one selling right away

    No harm in doing this

    Don't worry about rudeness it wasn't and you have a point
    People get way too offended these days over nothing
  8. I'm not offended.. :L

    I'm simply stating that it's a bit too early for this and a week or so should pass before something like this should go for 5x it's price.
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  9. Yes and I agree with you but there's no reason why I can't try now and see if someone will go for it. Ill probably close this acuction in a few days if no one bids

    Wait a week, try again, repeat till someone buys at that price
  10. I would say your best bet is to auction other items, and have an ad in your signature for the fireworks.
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  11. I'd agree.

    Yes, it's perfectly okay to auction this at this price right now but much more efficient, on your part; if you simply left an ad in your signature for the fireworks telling interested players to start a conversation with you. I have no problem with this, though. Just thought I'd point the above out.
  12. Well if this is going to be an auction you wait for you might want to have a mod close it seeing as you won't be able to post any other auctions.
  13. Well not that normal members can see anyway.
  14. I really like your idea I will probably do that.
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  15. Not necessarily.

    If he isn't planning on hosting another auction, you might as well keep this one up as it could still potentially get a bidder who's desperate for one if they missed the event or something.

    /End of off-topic
  16. Even 2012 fireworks are only worth about 30-40k now...
  17. Exactly
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