[Boring Auction] 2013 EMC Firework [LAME]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by xHaro_Der, Sep 9, 2013.

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  1. Because my last auction was lame enough to be locked by ICC because that's how boring & lame it was, here's a new one (did I mention a sassy comeback on the lock, that just proves how dumb it was)

    Item: 2013 EMC Firework because wither skulls are too mainstream I won't add them this time D:

    Starting bid: 15k knocked it off 2k since last time because this auction is WAY lamer

    Minimum bid increase: 250r because I'm boring

    Auction ends 24 hours after last bid as if we don't have enough of those huh
  2. This bump is lame because it's early. But I'm so lame I have to go.
  3. What Firework Is This?
  4. 2013 New Years? There Are 2 EMC fireworks. the 2013 New Years, the 2013 I-Day.
  5. It's not new years, it's the 2013 EMC. Not the iDay, the random color one
  6. 250, so boring...
  7. 15k, why not....
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  8. This was invalid. I'm aware that it has been beaten but I would like to let you know that 250r was the minimum increase, the starting bid was 15k just for future reference.
  9. I don't think its boring. I'd suggest getting everyone pumped with colors and saying: HEY! I am auctioning off an 2013 EMC firework! Make it... PIZAZZY! :D
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  10. But I think it's boring and lame :)
  11. Well, then I hope you make rupees from it! :D
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  12. Bump! Kippy159 is winning with 15k
  13. still in the lead!!
  14. Please don't bump it's my auction D:
  15. I believe I won, right? If so when shall we meet for payment/pickup. Cant today, but maybe tomorrow? Whatever works for you.
  16. I'll setup an access chest for you at SMP1 /v 1148 when I receive payment :)
  17. Ok does around 4PM ET sound good?
  18. What? Just pay me and I'll setup access
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