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  1. Hey EMC. Yah, I know I put a period and not an exclamation mark but that's cause boredom is killing me. I'm grounded and the longer I wait to be free just adds up my boredom. I'd appologize but my grades is what they care for and I only have one F. I would do extra work around the house but they won't even say 'thank you'. Bargining never works. And some say go outside; cant do that either.
    Help me plz. Boredom is getting to dangerous levels now
  2. Look at every thread in the active threads. It's fun..
  3. Doesn't help much
  4. Your no fun.
  5. plz dont, I don't have the time
  6. Try striking a conversation with someone? You never know, you may become best friends with them... I used to do that..
  7. sure maybe I could do that
    You'll hate me soon enough.
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  9. darn :p