boredness cures?

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are you bored right now?

yes because im a buttered pickle 9 vote(s) 31.0%
no because im trying to think of ways to take over the world 20 vote(s) 69.0%
  1. so im really bored and have nothing to do what do you guys do when our bored?
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  2. Bet you cant guess which one I picked, anyways, I say ping, you say pong.
  3. PONG!!!
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  4. what?
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  5. just felt like making 2 Hyphens and an underscore in the middle -_-
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  6. lol ok _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
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  7. hello zoe
  8. do you know how iget wellknown member status on here?
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  9. likes my friend get likes
  10. like the hundre marker?
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  11. It's self explantory of course. Be well - known by being active on the forums and if people like you and enjoy your posts, they like them which gets you trophy points which gets you Well-Known.
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  12. see i liked his comment and now i will unlike lol
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  13. I see what you did there. *Likes*
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  14. the perfect grammer it burns my eyes oh no i cnat see why grammer why did you do this to me
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  15. boredness boredness boredy boredness
    anyone else bored
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  16. if your bored, try to build an automatic chicken cooker or something
  17. Im well known :D
  18. If you guys can hang in there for another week ill have another wood comp! Then pig races in 1.4
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  19. PING! Sorry for caps.