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  1. hey guys I'm ask at my grinder but I'm very bored, nothing is happening on the forums so send me a message for a chat? :)
  2. same here, kinda tired of reading lol, whats up
  3. just filling in all the enchanted orders I'm getting :p yourself?
  4. Trying to get a pick with for. 3 so i can put it in a package deal on the auction in couple of days
  5. sorry i shorthand that , get a pick with fortune 3 hopefully not fortune 3 with efficiency in it lol
  6. wats there to do at LLO ?
  7. We currently expand mainly to the west and east. There is always stuff to do. I am currently working on a library.

    Teaser: ;)
    My next idea is a sports area. I will post about that tomorrow on the LLO thread so we can start gathering ideas and plan it.
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  8. alot of stuff at the moment me and Cambriakilgannon are building a northern farm. There is alot more project going on around LLO so its kinda hard to keep track :),
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  9. i just ran out there and died there :p lost 12k worth of stuff :( going out again now :p
  10. that blows, I done that before twice actually
  11. mine was the weirdest death from being crushed by a boat
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