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  1. Hello all. :)

    I have decided to start a diamond gear service. I have excess diamond gear, and am willing to trade or sell it for cheap prices.

    So, let's get on with prices.

    Any piece of diamond gear on its own: 150 rupees.
    Full Diamond gear: 1k. (Includes all armor and all tools except for hoe) Special Deal: 1 Double chest of paper for FULL DIAMOND GEAR!
    Random enchants: PM me for this package. I will enchant your item (can be supplied or ordered) with a single level 30 enchantment. This is completely random what you get, and I can not control that.

    What package you order:
    Special DC of sugar cane offer?:
    Total price (does not apply for DC of cane):

    Enjoy your fully suited up adventures!
  2. Order tracker:

    Order: Diamond Chestplate
    Status: Ready to set up

    Order: 1 sc of shovels and pickaxes
    Status: half way done

    Order: 10 of each armour
    Status: Not started
  3. What I'm buying: 1 Diamond chestplate
    Price: 150r
    Pickup: As soon as I get on
    Probably tomorrow
  4. K. I will be away tomorrow, it will be Monday. Sorry. :(
  5. If you give me some flags, I might be able to do the order sooner. :)
  6. Nope, sorry jug. This is my own service, not associated with the supply company.
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  7. Actually can you get on SMP9 now?
    I'm in the wild on SMP2
  8. Why not use IG shops but advertise on here? Seems easier.
  9. That is a very good Idea. It will remain as it is until Monday though.
  10. IGN: xHaro_Der
    What package you order: SC of pickaxes & SC of shovels
    Special DC of sugar cane offer?: Yes
    Total price (does not apply for DC of cane): How much cane for this?
  11. I could probably do that for 13-15 Double chests. You call.
  12. IGN: Kman122000
    What package you order: Can I order bulk armor? if so 10 of each
    Special DC of sugar cane offer?: No
    Total price (does not apply for DC of cane): 6k
  13. Okay. I am working on it. :)
  14. Uhm I just counted up the diamonds used and the diamonds are valued at 5940 rupees. (Fair price of 55 rupees per diamond) At your value of 1,000 rupees per DC of cane, I'm pretty sure it should only be 6 DCs of cane..
  15. 2 set of diamond gear please :)
  16. I buy cane in general for 250r per DC. :D
  17. That's extremely low.. Also your OP lists them as being valued at 1k; I'm pretty sure.