Boosted's Boxes - A Custom Shulker Kit Service

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  1. No problem at all... :p
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  2. Could I have a custom shulker of 14 netherite silk picks and 13 fortune netherite picks (non silk) please :)

    No hurry
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  3. Yup as discussed in game no worries :D Will mail it within a few hours
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  4. Well that's 2 Shulkers of netherite picks i've now made within 24 hours :p But your shulker full, with the free add on box has now been mailed to w33h1! Enjoy :D
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  5. I'd like the tools galore kit with the all in one survival add on!!!!
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  6. On it's way :) details have been discussed in game :D
  7. Now introducing the new Aqua Exploration Kit! Equipped with everything you would hopefully need while underwater! Now including a Trident with Unbreaking III Mending, and Impaling V, you may request for me to add the other Trident enchant upon ordering the box free of charge, or leave as it so you can add whatever you decide to add later :)

    With the introduction of this box I have also added a Conduit Setup box to the Add on Box section for 10,000r!
  8. Little update! The Combat Kit now includes a Mending, Unbreaking III Impaling V Trident! (same price as before), the last enchant you can decide what you want on when you order the kit, and I will put that enchant on for you :)

    *Trident has also been added to the Make your own Custom Shulker Kit, for 5,000r per*

  9. Bump! I have now reduced the prices on almost ALL boxes! Boxes are now available from as low as 15k!
  10. Bump :) Just a reminder there's still a free netherite upgrade to 1 item per box, and a free add on shulker with every box also! :)
  11. I'd like to order 2 Exploration shulker kits, but if possible, without the thorns on the armor.
    Being lazy about resupplying some of my own kits across all the smp's ;)
    I'd like the silk pick upgraded to netherite.

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  12. Yep sure thing! Will mail it shortly! Total will be 40,000r :)
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  13. Pleasure doing business with ya!
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