Booming sound in EMC?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jtc0999, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. i was playing EMC the other day and i heard a loud, "Boom!" can anyone tell me what that was?
  2. Likely someone fighting the Wither. There is a bug that the entire server hears Wither sounds even when not close to it.
  3. Is this bug possible to fix, it does throw me into running thinking that a wither is about to slaughter me.
  4. You can tell if you're within it's chunk by if the boss health appears, otherwise, your fine.
  5. Dont listen to Aikar, its IcC blowing up innocent ocelots! Aikar is just the head-of-cover-ups on IcC's ocelot killing staff!
  6. *talks in to the icc direct hotline phone* he has blown the cows cover! repeat! the cow has been covered! i mean, the cover has been cowed! i mean, the cover cow has been blown! just get the *censored* over here and take out this criminal! over! *crackling on other end*
  7. Yeah I heard it one day as well, I didn't see a health bar, was standing next to a dark cave, heard it and ran freaked out, don't feel bad.