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  1. There I was, in my well-lit room on my base. Went to check the forum, and was afk less that a minute when...BOOM - BOOM - enraged creeper got me before I had a chance to get back to the game lol (lost my trusty God sword too) aaarrrggghh.
    Has the spawning for enraged changed?
    I'm just wondering how it spawned during daylight in a well-lit room.

    Ah well, thats life.....or not as the case may be :)
  2. What was your difficulty set on?
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  3. Difficulty was set to normal - 5 (I tried 10 and got killed by a spider lol)

    Another thing I've noticed, I get token credits awarded for killing enraged skeletons and zombies, but not for killing enraged creepers (with no fire aspect)

    Also, Ive noticed a drop in enraged spawn rates too.....

    Just wondering :)
  4. I just killed an enraged creeper last night and got 41 tokens.. with fire aspect.
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