Boom Beach

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  1. As some might have seen, I've lately been playing a fair lot of Boom Beach.
    And I took the step of creating a small Task Force within the game.
    If you wish to join, search "EmpireMinecraft" for the name and request to join.
    Making sure to state your name here, so I know to accept you. :)

  2. It has been quite a while since I have gotten on Boom Beach (Summer) but I will check it out and update this post with my name. ;)
  3. My name is Bob (don't ask why)
    Can we get a clan on Clash of Clans too?
  4. My name is General Bill
  5. why? Lol, JK
  6. I don't know
  7. I'm DestroyerX lvl 32
  8. I just started out. It says you must be a level 6, So I will join once I reach it :)
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  9. if you would like i could get us a clash of clans Clan going XD i have been in the game for quite a while now (since it first started) and wouldnt mind getting emcians together on there ;p
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  10. Bump for extra members? :cool:
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  11. Just downloaded the game. :eek:
    I have a ways to go.
    I do play clash of clans though ;) and have been for a long time.
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  12. Boom beach and Clash of clans are nice games ;3
    lvl 67 clash of clans, recently started a week ago on boom beach, already exp lvl 17 with 97 medals
  13. I tried boom beach but I like Clash of Clans a lot more.
    In COC I am level 54, gold 2 (farming), TH7
  14. Ill join if you want an extra member but I don't know how the game works since ive never played it.
  15. Got Boom Beach because I have nothing better to do :p Waiting to get a level 6 HQ so I can join ya :)
  16. Just joined, thank you :)
  17. Omg I feel like a loser now because I don't like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach. :eek: =P
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  18. For shame :O I prefer Clash of Clans to Boom Beach... so I suggest CoC ^_^
  19. My name is Bill and just requested.
  20. my name is...... drowpassed!! also my friend who's name is alexsax would like to join also