Boom babe! Streak 100!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Daguman, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Finally! The Daguman has hit the Streak 100! It was a long time to reach and it tested my patience, but it showed that without a shadow of a doubt, I was able to stick to a thing and keep doing it till the end! I am now in the Butter Zone babe! And I don’t feel like leaving it anytime soon! If yah smell! What the Daguman is crafting! 2014-07-29_15.00.03.png 2014-07-29_14.59.59.png 2014-07-29_14.59.55.png 2014-07-29_14.59.04.png 2014-07-29_14.59.01.png 2014-07-29_14.58.58.png 2014-07-29_14.58.55.png 2014-07-29_14.58.48.png 2014-07-29_14.58.35.png 2014-07-29_14.58.35.png 2014-07-29_14.58.48.png 2014-07-29_14.58.55.png 2014-07-29_14.58.58.png
  2. I'm only at 40:(
  3. Congratulstions!
    What a remarkable milestone!

    Keep up he good work ;)
  4. Faith, you got quite the bonus going over there as well :p
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  5. Woo!, Congrats!
    Keep going, cause the 100-200 is the iron voters stuff + bow, then 200-300 is the diamond voters stuff +rod!
    (not to mention the vaults and stables!!!, emeralds, diamonds, and rupees, oh my!;))
  6. Nice Job! Continue on for even more perks!
  7. Congrats! :D
  8. Thanks guys! :D Higher than 100 is even a greater task! I don't know if I have it in me?
  9. Nice Daguman. Way to go!
  10. gongratz bro and you have alot of promo's
  11. Good job! It takes a lot of determination to do something that big! Also, how come your Voters' Armor is pink, and has protection and thorns? Mine only has feather falling. (I have the boots right now)