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  1. So... I recently proposed an idea in chat, and, well, didn't get much feedback XD I didn't really expect any, considering I'm so new and pretty unknown to the community, but I wanted to post here in hopes someone would respond and give me feedback on this idea.

    I imagined to take a few of my stories and edit and then put them into Books and Quills, and then making them books and selling them (for a cheap price--oviously not too much! Probably like 1-3 rupees per book depending on what it is).

    The stories I write are original, Five Nights at Freddy's, and, of course, Minecraft! ^^

    Some of the stories I want to feature are:

    A cat mysteriously suffers a fatal illness and the veterinarian can't forgive herself. What follows is a wild tale hardly anyone could understand... But for Rocket, it's a rollercoaster ride he doesn't have time to understand!

    A short, Five Nights at Freddy's oneshot that is a bit older and showcases Foxy having a bit of a quarrel with the other members of the team.

    Another FNaF story, showing the Purple Guy's death within Springtrap. Some of the information in it is outdated considering FNaF 4's release, but I still really am happy with this story ^^

    A Minecraft story that follows Redmond, a strange halfbreed of sorts who has to unravel a very bittersweet and challenging mystery.

    A Minecraft story that will likely be an ongoing series. End City follows an Enderman who was born with a defect, and somehow resulted in him being dumped in the Overworld. Rescued by the city's elder, this Enderman is allowed to stay in the city and becomes a lowly nurse. Slowly, however, he starts to realize why Enderman are treated so cruelly, act so strange, and why other mobs hate them so.... and it isn't pretty.

    Those are pretty vague and bleeeh, but that's because I don't want to give anything away! XD But yeah, what do you guys think? Depending on the story, one or two chapters would likely fill an entire book, which is why they'll be so cheap (again, 1-3 rupees). The shorter the story, the more it costs, as longer stories will add up over time.

    I really am hoping to garner some feedback, and I am willing to post little teasers if you'd like to judge the general quality of my writing. But aside from that, all I really want to know is if you think this is a good idea and/or anyone would be interested.

    TL;DR: I kind of want to open a bookstore in Minecraft where I copy my stories into books and quills and sell the books I make out of them for 1-3 rupees. What do you think of that idea and would you be interested?
  2. Bookstores are always good. :) I'd sell for more, though. The books themselves cost much more than 3r. :p
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  3. I grow sugarcanes on my plot and raise cows there too. So for me it's kinda free XD and I find squids all the time in the wastelands. Thank you there @PenguinDJ ^^ and Depending on how it goes I may start to sell them for more.
  4. I'd love to have your books in my bookshop, they sound good :)
  5. Set a reserve on Unhinged and Trapped: its Me. I will pay 25% extra if mailed to me. I beleive they are 100r books but that is just me.
  6. Ooh, nice! Where is your bookshop exactly?

    Oh my goodness those gifs XD Markiplier is one of my favorite YouTubers. Will do, thank you :) and, er, what do you mean mailed to you?
  7. You can get away with 500/book if it's a good series :p
    My museum on 2391/2392 sells books for 500r(tour books)
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  8. That's cool

  9. That's.... wow. That sounds awesome :)
  10. I meant by mailing like this /mail send clan23 FNAFBooks

    Just throw them in the inventory that pops up and I'll pay 300r
    (Since each item sent is 50r)

    Unless you have a open shop I'll go to today and I will pay upfront.
  11. May be free, but if you put the time into them you should get a little something. I'm sure if you did 50-100r people would buy them. Still cheep but would add up over time. I'll buy a few. :)
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  12. I'm still working on getting the shop in order... I will copy Trapped: It's Me and Unhinged today and send them to you. I have Unhinged ready, I will need to work on getting Trapped into a book though. That, and I'm still not totally certain on my prices....

    Since Trapped: It's Me and Unhinged are oneshots that are only 1-2 books in length, I'm thinking 50r for each is what I'll go for.

    I've decided on final prices:
    TRAPPED: IT'S ME - 50r p/b (100r total)
    UNHINGED - 50r p/b (100r total)
    ROCKIT - 10r p/b (unsure what the total will be - will definitely be long!)
    BETWEEN HER LIES - 20r p/b (unknown book total)
    END CITY - 25r p/b (unknown book total - will be a long series!)

    I'll be writing most of today, but when I'm done with that, I'll get online tonight and finish setting up the base bookstore and filling in books and quills. Then of course I'll need to copy them. BUT I hope to have the shop ready by August 5th/6th (depending on your timezone! ^^).

    Just type /v SilvrBuildBlocks to get to my residence. The shop is at the back right corner, the teleport floor is white. Aside from the bookstore, I do have an animal shop ready. There are mooshrooms, cows, pigs, bats, squids, wolves, ocelots, chickens, sheep, etc. The only things I don't have at the moment are horses and donkeys (.........they're expensive to breed, okay XD).

    But yeah, I'm glad you guys like the idea! ^^

    Sounds awesome! Thank you SnowyBearr :3
  13. I'd suggest 100r as a bare minimum, and vary the cost upward by pagecount and overall quality :) It's still fairly cheap, but you're not so much charging for the materials as you are the creative work that goes into them. That's generally how things are set up at TTB, though I've been thinking of dropping Nucleus down substantially.

    Always glad to see more bookstores around. Which server is this on? May have to pay a visit!
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  14. I think this is an awesome idea, and totally glad that you did not wait to implement your ideas based off of town chat! Sometimes players are busy or afk, or doing their own thing. Pursue the things that you enjoy!
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  15. Thanks guys!

    This is on smp2. And I'll probably raise the prices over time, I dunno, but I'm going with the ones I posted for now. ^^
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  16. /v 6028
    It's under renovation tho