Books how to get rich + free infinite librarian villager

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  1. Hi,

    On my property on SMP5, address 10485 you can find shop with the books "how i made 100k" and "how i made 400k". Probably lot of you got more than that, but its kinda "economic diary", describing my adventures here as well. 500r for 100k book, and 750r for 400k, while the second one is bigger and got all the addresses i managed to collect while searching through Empire World.

    Oh, and Infinite villager is free to use, you just have to find him.
    Aaaand its messy there, but its all truth.

    Hope it will be useful for some of you, or just help you if you're bored, since i didnt saw much writers on this server. For me personally, i am finishing my journey here to go meet real-life adventures. Good luck you all, I loved this game, but everything has its end. :)
  2. I will probably stop by. Sya later and good luck with life!
  3. It is probably not best to make a infinite villager public, as players could intentionally/unintentionally break it but teleporting to another location before finishing a trade. Just a heads up. :)
  4. Ill looksey but can u sell paper there?