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Would YOU read these books/check out the library?

AWWWW yessssss 4 vote(s) 50.0%
No man_bear_pig_ ima weeenie and i wont 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Maybe 1 vote(s) 12.5%
purple 3 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. Trying to make a mini public library, if you have any signed books and want them shown off or simply want to be a part of it i will accept any type of book, either by donation, or if you so choose i will pay you for them at your reasonable prices. any subject is accepted as long as its appropriate, also im looking for a few journal entree people, heres how that job works: i will supply you with books and you will write your emc journal 0f things youre up to on emc, your friends, current projects and ideas, a few books worth would be fine . Hey! message me if youre interested and interested in letting me get your books!:)

    (i will pay if thats the case)
    ((reasonable prices please))
  2. I like purple.
    I'm also noticing a certain uptick in interest towards books and libraries. This pleases me.
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  3. :) If I was to write a journal.. i'd probably fill at least 1 book a week. 1 book a day on a good day...

    That's not a bad idea actually.. I've thought about doing it on the forums, but I don't want to spam people with my mundane drivel, and I don't want to deal with spammy replys. I've thought about making youtube vids as well, but now that i'm a mod, that's not really doable (My job calls me away all the time, and my screen has info that is not for public knowledge). So perhaps a journal is a good idea... I'll think about it.

    I have a tonne of ink sacs and feathers. And am looking for a DC of leather. Once I have the lether, I'll have a supply of book and quills. I'd be happy to supply these at cost to libraries and such, for the purpose of promoting written works within EMC.
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  4. What we need now are people willing to become 'Publishers'.. someone who is willing to create stories.. and continue to publish them. If some people were willing to submit their stories, and just have the book say it was authored by a 'Publisher' it would be a whole lot easier. That way library owners could get their books from once source. That way the title of the book could just be 'Book Title -Author' then 'Publisher Name' would be the minecraft definition of 'Author'.

    Like why dont we have 'Tiger Publishing' yet, that does just that :p.
  5. I'm lost, how would this work exactly?

    Someone write something, gives the text doc to a 'publisher', who puts the text into a book. Then the book and quill is passed to the Author who then 'signs' the book?

    Or do you mean an 'Author' writes something in a book and quill, then passes it to a 'publisher' who then signs it, and duplicates it over and over? (But the book will include the authors name inside)?

    I'm actually looking into doing this myself. I've been messing around with formatting, colors, how best to fit text into books.
    The plan is to get stories from people, then I will simply copy the text into a book and quill with the authors name, and 'publish' the books en-masse to pass around. The author would get a heavy percentage of profit after costs are deducted, and a small fee for my time.
    This will take the technical difficulties away from writters, they just get inspires and write. I'll publish the book.
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  6. I mean exactly what you are saying. The issue with the 'copying' feature of ANYTHING, is that.. one author has to basically 'Publish' their own book. It makes it very impractical if that is not what that person wants to do all day (like if they actually want to write something else). So if you could come to an agreement with multiple authors, and make a 'Publishing Company' I think it would benefit people like Man_Bear_Pig_ and Kephras, so they do not always have to stay in contact with multiple authors, but rather, just receive 'Shipments' from a single publisher, who has nothing better to do all day than copy books.. as the still life of a mod would envelop nicely :p.

    Just like regular publishers, you can pick and choose your titles. Your authors. Provide different authors with their percentage, in return for having the 'rights' (as close as you can get it in minecraft xD) to distribute their book for them. Like you charge your 'fee' of handling the PR, distribution, and publishing costs of the book, while all they have to do.. is give you a book.
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  7. wonderful! well when you write some please contact me
  8. Not to derail the conversation too much, but it seems like we need a solution that addresses the topic of authorship, rather than trying to work around it. This was my suggestion, but if you guys can think of something that might work better, I'm all ears.
  9. This is a very good idea. i would much love this, but the "publishers" would have to be on quite often for a while would they not? i assume it takes a large deal of time to get all that supplied and set up.