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  1. I havent seen a thread like this, so here it goes. I want to see what kind of books everyone like, what genre, author, title, even a summary if your are up to it.


    Summary (optional):

    This is mine recently:
    Genre: Fiction- Mystery/Thriller
    Author: James Patterson
    Title: Alex Cross series. [Multiple books in this series, i highly suggest reading them. Befor reading if you are a small child lets just say dont read them.]
    Summary: Alex Cross is a African-American Detective with the Washington D.C. Police Force, He has 2 children and his wife had died in a shooting. His grandma lives with him and gives him life lessons that help him. He is the best detective ans he takes killers down one by one. [TRUST ME, READ THIS SERIES]
  2. I have such a large collection of books read, but I could provide a few of my favorites.

    Genre: Science-Fiction
    Author: Michael Crichton
    Title: Sphere
    Summary (optional): A group of scientist is sent into the Pacific Ocean to study a ship. But not just any ship. A space ship. Where it came from or who it belongs to is unknown, but the massive size of it proves it isn't human. Or is it? In this ship is a perfect sphere. It's too perfectly made to be human, so where did it come from? What is inside of it? The story is great, a must-read in my opinion.

    Genre: Fiction
    Author: Markus Zusak
    Title: I Am The Messenger
    Summary (optional): Ed Kennedy is an underage cabdriver who has no future. His life is simple and boring, until he stops a bank robbery. That's when the first Ace arrives in the mail. On it are three addresses, each with a different family with different problems. He must find a way to help each family, helping and hurting people to accomplish it. He does this many times until one question is left: Who's behind Ed's mission?

    Genre: Science-Fiction
    Author: Orson Scott Card
    Title: Ender's Game
    Summary (optional): Just a great book. I suggest you read it to find out what it is about.
  3. Sounds like some good books i may have to check them out later :)
  4. I do enjoy the Alex Cross series, btw. :)
  5. ;) I am only 14 and i whiz through any James Patterson book within 4 days, on average 2 days.