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  1. That quote was from March 2022.

    Is it possible for devs to revisit the idea of adding residence locations into the bookmark system?

    I use the /bm system quite a bit to get to certain reses but still have to rely on a slip of paper on my desk to remember which location I need in that res. Bookmarks are awesome but could be much more usable if a location could be specified.
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  2. Hey farmerguyson, I'm going to move this on over to The Suggestion Box for ya. =]
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  3. I'll be honest, I don't think this should be a priority.

    You can easily achieve what you are asking for with a mod.
    I use Xaero minimap's waypoints exactly to store the res+locations that I want to visit in an easily in-game accessible version. Sure, it might be less portable across devices, but that's kind of a corner case.

    I feel that the limited development time would be better spent on EMC-only features (anyone said more empires features?) than something achievable with an allowed mod.
  4. I completely agree with you about it not being a priority. I was just throwing the thought out there. I tend to forget about things if I don't write them down and actually just yesterday realized I could write the res locations in a written book instead of little bits of paper all over my real life desk. :)

    Other players have given me the idea of using approved mods for many other useful and interesting tasks but I like simplicity, vanilla all the way. Many times I hear players commenting about the delays of getting in game due to an update. My days of tinkering and thinking of how to piece software together are pretty much over.
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