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  1. I was watching the television a couple minutes ago, and heard a very catch song. I watched the commercial, and it was about a website that is trying to get books to every child so they can read. I thought that this was an amazing idea, so here is the website link. Things we take for granted, like green eggs and ham, visiting Narnia. They don't know, and that is why these people are trying to get books t every child.
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  2. Sorry I'm bumping this, it just seems very important.
  3. Is it?
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  4. I've seen it. Doesn't the wolf go like HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA or something like that?
  5. I believe that the wolf does laugh, I think that this is a great idea, and yes nfell, I think that it is important.
  6. Does anyone else think that this is important?
  7. I don't find this important as most charities are scams that steal your money.
  8. This isn't even a charity as fa as I know...
  9. Its a 'non profit'
  10. um... what?

    Most Charities are not scams?

    Most are actually constantly watched to ensure non-scammyness... especially big ones. The only ones I know that are very open about how much money does not do anything are ones related to College Sports, and KONY 2012.
  11. Thank you ismooch
  12. CAFOD, which is the big one in my country, is pretty obviously a scam and yet schools in my area constantly sponsor them and tried to get my family's business to give them money - therefore I don't associate with any charities but Child's Play.
  13. xD My Primary School does CAFOD, I never gave anything I 'forgot' the school im in now doesn't really bother other than giving money directly to the school
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