Book ideas HELP!

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  1. Hi everyone since I have been writing poems and books lately i need more ideas for books, anything about minecraft is valid and i might even hold a book writing competition you never know
  2. Write a book about an adventure threw a forest. Like in the medieval era. This can be about minecraft or a real life type of story. Maybe your walking through the forest on your way towards a small town called (insert name here). It's been a long journey, 2 months and 14 days to be exact. I have brought with me a horse carrying enough food to last me around 2 months, so I have to hunt every so often. I have a few pairs of cloths so whenever one gets too badly worn I can put on some new ones. I have heard of the dangers concealed within these regions of the forest to be terrifying, but I have never seen anything too frightening other than the occasional spider. Although you don't have to worry about them in the day. So I have brought my sword and bow just in case. As I'm walking along a small stream of water it occurred to me that I was a little low on water, so I bend down next to a tall oak tree to get some water when I hear a loud *thunk* to the right of me. Startled, I jump up to see what the noise was, and to my surprise there is an arrow stuck firmly into the solid bark of the tree. I spin around, observing my surroundings. I see something move just 40 yards ahead of me. I stalk over towards where I saw the movement. There is nothing here though, but as I look towards the ground I see a footprint. squat by the ground and observe the foot print. But then I hear something behind me. *Ssssssss* I scream, "Oh no-" *BOOM!* I fly forwards on my face but quickly get up to see a large whole just where I was standing. I start to run but am stopped by three skeletons pointing bows straight at me. I take cover behind a tree. *Thunk Thunk Thunk* I take out my bow and then realize I left my arrows on my horse back at the stream. I hear more noises on my left and turn to see 4 spiders advancing from my right. I sprint in the other direction but am halted by 3 zombies advancing towards me from the right. I glance behind me to see 2 creepers coming straight for me. I only have one option left, so I pull out my sword.

    (Idk, just an example.)
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  3. omg that was amazing 6comimi i think i might use that as the begining of my story thx :D ill give you some credit in the book also and 100r for you :D sadly im on another computer/mac and i cant giveu r on this one but i will once my computer is in order thank you so so much :cool:;)
  4. I am not even gonna try to give ideas because I have used all mine up on stories XD
  5. Sweet, I'm glad I could help. :)
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