[Book] Empire Guide!

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  1. Hello there.
    I have made the Empire guide. It took a total of 9 hours.
    3 hours making the first one which was lost due to a bug. Then i wrote a 2nd one and it took 3 hours. Then I made a Master Copy which took 3 hours and now I am mass producing it.
    It cost 101r to buy and you have to pre-order is as it takes 7 minutes to make and tires out your fingers. So Please Pre-order it and PM me if you want to sell it in your stores.
  2. You could type it up on MS word and then copy and paste to a ton of books.
  3. I'd love to have a few for my upcoming Library!!
  4. I've tried it. you can't paste on books :(
    I want the Empire Guide for my shop, please!
  5. Seems to be alot of shops....
  6. You actually can paste books, but the text doesn't wrap to pages like it should. Why does it have to be so complicated, Mojang?
  7. Ehem, I have a problem. prob.png
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  9. I will take one!
  10. K come to smp1
  11. But it looks like the default one.
  12. Then his Minecraft is glitched, he needs to force update :)
  13. I would like one!
  14. wow you saw justinguy??!!??
  15. In the game :p
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  16. oh but still
  17. I'll take one to keep in my inventory :)
  18. ill take a small chest