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  1. Hello There.
    I am Starting a Bussiness called Book Co.
    Basiclly we buy and make books.
    By Buy I mean if you have a great story we will buy the publishing rights to your book.
    So if you have a funny book and not that many people are buying it and you are getting tired of making it. over and over this is perfect for you because we will pay you xxxxr and then you give us a copy of the book and our team will make the book and also sell it.
    We also sell books made by our very own writers.
    Now here are the Job Offerings:
    Go to
    Book Reproducer:
    We give you a book and You have type it again on a .txt file. [2 Positions Availble] [1,000r Pay Per Book] [2 Positions Availble]
    You think of books and write then give it to a Judge [15 Positions Open] [Judge Decides how much to pay you]
    This is VERY easy. We will give you a .txt file and you just open it then copy and paste the stuff in the .txt file to the book. It takes like 4 minutes to copy a 50 page book. [15 Positions Availble] [Around 30-70r Per book that you make]
  2. sounds like a cool business, what res are you doing it at?
  3. Please i need manofactures.
  4. I'll do retyping