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  1. You seem to have broken the image. Allow me:

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  2. Thanks!
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  3. I'll tell you how to fix it.

    The link you posted into the box to upload the image? Add .png after it.

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  4. Don't think i can now as i posted it
  5. There's an "edit" button below your post. :)
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  6. Thanks penguin!
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  7. Alrighty then?

    EDIT: Dejavu moment
  8. Haha, so random!
  9. for some reason i felt like this was going to be way more interesting... #letdown
  10. Yeah... (Not an agreeing yeah, necessarily), when I first saw the title and saw there was an image in the post, the first thing that came to mind was "This guy's gonna get forum-banned".
  11. Haha, I understand, Was random last night, thought I would let everyone see lol
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  12. And these are the people who run our server :p
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  13. I thought I was going to report a post on this thread... then I found that it was a staff...
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  14. Did someone say Boobies?