Boo is back

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  1. Hey guys, I started playing minecraft again after a very long hospital stay. While I was gone my res was reset and I lost most of my stuff. I'm not building a shop but plan on building some amazing redstone creations and exploring what i can do with the new redstone items. Feel free to copy any contraptions I build at 18013. I need all kinds of redstone items and pistons if you have stacks to sell and/or trade. Anyway, it's good to be back and look forward to seeing you in game.
  2. Welcome back!
  3. Redstone you say,
  4. Welcome Back!
  5. welcome back and I can't wait to see what you build!
  6. Welcome back :p

    And me being the person I am, I thought you meant Boo the dog when I first read it... :confused:
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  7. Special THANKS to Kritacul for helping me get back on my feet again! A huge rupee donation and hooking me up with critical supplies that were deleted when my res was reset. Thanks man!
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