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  1. Here is the thing.
    Ethy202 was banned on this server.
    MINECRAFT_OWEN password lost.
    Ethy2O2 password lost.
    So, does this explain anything?
  2. This makes no sense whatever explain more >.<
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  3. Lessons to be learnt -
    Abide by rules.
    Try to make a memorable password.
    Write down your password somewhere.
    What does it have to explain?
  4. I lost the alternate passwords.
    Old account (Ethy202) was banned from this server.
  5. Press 'forgot password', then follow all the steps.
    As many people then reply, 'but my email password?', then press forgot password on your email too.
    Other than that, I suggest what I said earlier:
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  6. totally understand now thanks "Fendinator" :p
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  7. Umm, the password I always use, it is "too unsecure" for the other alternate (Ethy2O2), and this account was I think hacked and now I can't get on.
  8. If it was hacked u can reset your password you know...
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  9. When my password is too unsecure: I add a capital and/or some letters and write it down so I remember it.
    Very unlikely, probably just forgot your password. Again, press 'forgot password'. Even if it was, you can reset it as tedrocker said, as you have the email to it.
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  10. ... Fendy does what I does god lets hope he don't find me alt emails and password to this one... >:D
  11. Contact Mojang Support with your Transaction ID if you're unable to use the password reset system, and they'll sort it for you. :)
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