Bonus Chests Disappeared

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  1. My alt's (BubbleNinja13) Bonus Chests disappeared after I put them into one of my chests on my main res, 18137. I put them in the chest, and when I logged on with this account, I couldn't find them. Help?
  2. I think they're tied to the specific player...
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  3. No I had some from multiple accounts on 1 account.
  4. Bump, any help?
    And if you were to ask, no, someone did not steal them.
  5. Sure you put them in a chest and not vault?
  6. I checked all five of my vaults :(
  7. Check the player again. There may have been a server overload at the time and it couldn't keep up, and therefore put the chests back on your alt again. Once the same happened to me, but with vault to player instead
  8. I'm not sure what you mean, clarify?
  9. I think it means check your alt again and/or both vaults.
  10. In that case, nope, still not there :(
  11. Did anyone else have flags on your res?
  12. Check your /mail in both accounts
  13. The only other person with the container flag is skyman1212; however, he hasn't been on in 4+ days, so it is impossible for him to take any.
    Mail? I checked anyways, and there were none...although I wouldn't imagine them there in the first place...
  14. When you drop souldbound items they go to your mail...
  15. Oh...well no, still nothing.
  16. Message skyman1212, as he might have given an alt permissions if he had the admin flag.
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  18. Were these bonus chests purchased from another player? If so they are linked to that player and may have been returned to that player after the recent server restart correcting the new rule of the ordeal.
  19. While it's true the chests are linked to the player, there's not set way to figure out which player it belongs to like the Voters Gear.
  20. How do you know?