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  1. Hello EMC.

    I have been kinda bored with my computer lately, built it custom by myself and not being able to use all of it's power, just going to waste... And somehow, I don't remember how, I stumbled upon BOINC.

    It lets you help contribute to community projects by contributing your CPU and/or GPU power to good causes..

    I have, in the past, contributed to DistrrtGen (distributed rainbow table generator) through It's purpose is to create such a large mass of rainbow tables to the current hashes and be able to crack hashes so quickly.. It is to show developers the power of rainbow tables, and to convince them to create a more powerful, more secure hashing and/or alternative password security method. Currently, they have 9741 GB of rainbow tables in their database, all contributed by the community, all available for free download.

    Another project I have been doing is called primegrid ( It uses your CPU and/or GPU power to run prime searches using many different methods, like PPS, PSP, SoB, etc. and if your search yields a prime, you get extra "credit" and it goes into their database. They have over 100 world record primes found with this project, and I just think it's cool that they have them :).

    So. Distrrtgen is mainly GPU powered (used to be CPU but now its GPU). And Primegrid is mostly CPU based, so I have been using Primegrid lately and not distrrtgen..

    Once you download boinc, ( make sure to configure it to your liking, make an account, and start contributing (see how below).

    But either way, I have made teams for Empire Minecraft on both distrrtgen and primegrid, and i hope that we together can help grow their databases and make a difference :). Once you make an account on either for distrrtgen, or on for primegrid, join the team Empire Minecraft (just search it) and start contributing to our team :D.

    EDIT: Join the team "Empire Minecraft" not "emc"!!!

    Thank you for your time,
  2. Another cool BOINC-based project is SETI@home. It uses the processing power to search for life elsewhere in the universe.
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  3. :) cool! I'll make an empire minecraft team for that too. Does it utilize GPU or CPU?
    EDIT: also, that project is unavailable at this time.
  4. Really? That's interesting. I've been out of the loop on this for a while.
    EDIT: It looks temporary.

    Also, the website refers to GPU, but that doesn't make sense to me. I'll check again when I can get to the site.
  5. ah, ok. It does make since it's GPU since it's generating images (i think) but it seems like it would be GPU... So most people would probably just want CPU. When I do GPU tasks on my computer, it starts REALLY lagging. like 10 seconds to open a window and a 1-2s mouse lag.
  6. Nobody signed up yet D:
  7. Please join the team on PrimeGrid and/or distrrtgen. If you are having trouble or have questions, let me know!
    PS: You don't have to have a great computer to do this, any computer at all will help!
  8. Hello :) I've joined the Empire Minecraft PrimeGrid group.
  9. :) Hopefully some others do, too!
  10. Bump. I don't think we can do too much with just two members ;).
    Sign up and help us out!
  11. Bump. Even if your computer isn't that great, you can still make a difference!!
  12. Bump.. Really only one person??
  13. Sad I have to keep bumping this and nobody is responding :(
  14. Bump...FOR SCIENCE!
    The Mars rover already found bacteria in the water (under the surface) of Mars :p We're done looking for life, but we're not done looking for intelligent/sentient life.
  15. Finally someone bumps it besides me :p Hey SoulPunisher have you signed up?
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