Bob Hunt

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  1. Well Bob My Best Friend Has Disappeared. I Want To Find Him Again And Be Friends So That's When You Come In. I Heard Bob Can Be Found On Smp 6 At /v 12791, /v 12657, /v 13060, and at /v 12553. When You Find Him, Take A Screenshot And Find All 4 Bobs. When You Find Him, Upload A Reply To This Forum. First One To Find It Until 10pm Tomorrow Will Recieve 32 Diamonds. Good Luck Finding Him And, If You Find Him, Go To /v 12553 And Pick Up Your Prize. I'll Give Access To The Winnner When I'm Back Online And The Winner Completed The Challenge.

    1st Res (12657): He Walks On The Hard And Yellow Slabs.
    2nd Res (13060): He Is One With The Villager Barrier
    3rd Res (12553): It's Obvious : P
    4th Res (12791): The Very Famous Indie Horror Game Many Youtubers Played. Bob Lies Await In The Backstage

    Bob Disappeared Again ._. I Think He Really Likes The Res At 12791 Because I Heard He's Off To That Res Again Hiding. It'll Be Nice If You Can Finally Find Bob For The Last Time! This Is Just A Bonus. The Reward Is 64 Quartz Ore. And Also, That's Your Hint :)
  2. This Is Bob:
  3. how come everytime i attach something it says view it instead of just showing up

  4. Upload it to imgur, after that; copy and paste the link, add .png after it, then put [ IMG] before the link, and [ /IMG] after it. (Without the spaces before IMG and /IMG, of course.)
  5. Are you sure? It doesn't exactly state that you need to find all
  6. Actually, ask the OP. I'm not sure if you need all four or just one of 'em.
  7. I just thought because it says, " When You Find Him, Take A Screenshot And Upload A Reply To This Forum. First One To Find It Until 10pm Tomorrow Will Recieve 32 Diamonds. "
    It doesnt exactly say you have to find all, but it doesnt say you only have to find one either. :p
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  8. You Tried to sneak your pictures... I won. Huckleberry24 wanted to know where the last one was, and I had to tell him. If your really going to pull off that you had first post and you had the four isn't true and you know it. And I saw that your removed your mark of me winning....
  9. The original post was slightly misleading, it didn't state whether you needed to find all four or just one, in which, I was first.
  10. I would like to see the edits from post 9 as well because I knew he edited out where he said "Good job clan23".

    Yes you were first in that aspect, but I did find the four first. Youcharlie did say there was four and wanted all of us to have 4. This was said in game chat.
  11. I never said you won, I said Good Job, and I deleted it because the OP was misleading in which I didn't know who won.

    Also, The OP doesn't say you need all four.
  12. Message him please so we can take this aside..
  13. If he did in fact say this in game chat, then this is unfair to other players.
  14. As stated... please message him so we can take this aside
  15. Sorry Guys For Not Being Clear If You Need To Get All 4. Just Fixed The Post And I Apologize For This Inconvenience. hunkleberry24 Did Win For He Uploaded All 4 Pictures Of Bob And Was Uploaded Before Anyone Else. clan23 You Did Find Them All So I'll Setup A Separate Prize For You. hunkleberry24, Come To My 4th Res /v 12553 To Pick Up Ya Diamonds.
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  16. Sorry for the both us making you event hectic on your part. Maybe consider people messaging you so you can compare times than people have the first post and edit that post.
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