Bmanoving C.O. Best shop company in all of EMC

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  1. I've always been looking for a good shop. If a find one after I leave I forget where it was or who owns it. To solve this problem I teamed up with Moving_target32. We now have a company that sells every item in the MC world. You can find all our shops on SMP3. Moving_target32 has a huge shop and I have one too. If your looking for a bank to keep stuff or a casino maybe even need a room to stay you can count on us. Just remember if you need any item or something else you can always find me and Moving on SMP3.
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  2. You sell dragon eggs? Bedrock?
  3. Is bedrock even retrievable?
  4. I don't think so.
    But we by it from /shop some times
  5. You lie like a rug. You can't buy bedrock at /shop.
  6. sry didn't no i thought moving sold it
  7. I never said you could buy bedrock at the shop.....
    and i was /sarcasm at bman. He said his shop sells EVERYTHING.....
  8. By the title, I assumed that this was going to be amazing, seems like I got wrong.
    It might be a great project, but bro, please don't use such attractive titles :p
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  9. Agreed.