[BLOWOUT SALE] Residence 14954

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  1. Hello Empire!

    I am hosting a HUGE BLOWOUT SALE at Residence 14954 on SMP7.
    When you spawn at my residence, enter the unfinished modern house (help me out by donating quartz), go down the stairs, and you will see the chests.

    Chests with a [PREVIEW] on it have items that are for sale.
    If you want an item in a chest, reply to this thread saying:
    1. What item you want
    2. How much you are offering per item
    3. Quantity of the item (please clarify if you are talking about stacks or per piece)

  2. Can I please have the whole chest of netherrack, both stacks of bread, both stacks of bonemeal and 8 stacks of potatoes for 1,500r?
  3. First off, do you mean Baked Potatos?
    And also, can I get 2.5k?
  4. Yes & sure :)
  5. Alright!
    I won't be able to get on anytime soon, mind if I delay it to Friday?
    Sorry about the inconvience.
  6. I don't mind at all :)
  7. Setup the chests.
    Please pay.