Blowing Rupees!

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How many rupees have YOU blown?

1k 8 vote(s) 9.9%
5k 12 vote(s) 14.8%
10k 10 vote(s) 12.3%
15k 7 vote(s) 8.6%
20k 4 vote(s) 4.9%
25k 1 vote(s) 1.2%
30k 10 vote(s) 12.3%
50k 12 vote(s) 14.8%
100k 5 vote(s) 6.2%
OVER 100k! 32 vote(s) 39.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Well i just wanted to make a thread for people to comment of how much they blew in a short amount of time. I just recently blew 30k. :D
    So now its your turn to tell me your stories. :)
  2. well, i won 15k so i had 33k, then the next day i bought 43 diamond blocks for 16k :D
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  3. SHHHHHHHHH!!! ;)
  4. My very first day on EMC I paid a guy 300r for a wolf egg.
  5. and that, boys and girls, is what NOT to do!
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  6. I bought over 100k worth of diamond a while back.
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  7. I got sucked into a donating battle for the blue ribbon hotel and donated 50k.....
  8. awww I need some donating im broke. :p
  9. yeahh about that.... lol, non supporter donating 50k D: gunna take me a bit to get back up.

    -- And I'm stuck in the airport due to a delayed flight. D:
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  10. Oh wow. xD
  11. I'm a fan :)

    Largest single item purchase? SMP1 egg for 300k

    I bought 167k worth of circle stone to complete the project on 3879 (SMP2).
  12. I blew 20k in one night not to long ago. I had been saving and saving and finally went over the 20k mark then blew almost all of it. I bought all sorts of neat stuff. Then promptly died (twice) on my way to my wilderness home on smp7. So I wound up with no supplies, no rupees and now I'm saving up again. :)
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  13. I blew through over 200k in stock over night when I opened my doors to the new shop.
  14. I blew..... 10 cents!

    Not rupees, cents!
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  15. I set up my redstone ore chest at my shop to buy the stuff for 50R. I had about 5.5K rupees when I logged off that night. However, I set up my chest to buy about 20 stacks. When I logged on today, I saw I had 30 rupees. I thought "Oh, it's a bug." But then I checked my chest, and I had nearly 2 stacks of redstone ore. At 50R each. Anybody need redstone ore? XD
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  16. I payed 2k for 100 lapis dye, i thought they were blocks... Yeah, don't ask!
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  17. I want some redstone :p
  18. i donated 250r to a guy that was banned lol
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  19. I have 66,599r