Blow Up My Res! Show!

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Should I link the video

yes 19 vote(s) 95.0%
no 1 vote(s) 5.0%
  1. marknaaijer on smp5:

    d1223m on smp3:

    PM me or comment on this thread if you want somebodies res to be blown up.
  2. You shouldnt get in trouble, people add videos all the time:)
  3. Wait, this on SMP3? You are flying around and have the Creative inventory. I am confused.
  4. He used world downloader
  5. it goes BOOM!!!
  6. i am going to make a hole thread about this!!!
  7. I would have enjoyed watching this much more if you could have set everything up ahead of time with TNT in such a way that the whole thing would go off in one large chain reaction. Maybe do a fly through/tour to show what it looked like first, then set it off from far enough back so we could watch it go.

    I played around with World Downloader a bit. I downloaded my area of town and played on single player while the server was down one night. It was fun to see mobs in (our poorly lit) town. I was surprised how many times I died jumping down holes thinking it wouldn't hurt me.
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  8. well isn't world downloader a mod your not suppose to have including TMI?
  9. Too Many Items doesn't work on EMC. You can have it installed for singleplayer purposes but it shouldn't do anything.
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  10. If I understand right, you can download the chunk, but if you mine and find diamond then come to emc and mine that same spot you might fall in lava as it will generate terrain different from what's on EMC. ALSO you can't download the stuff in other peoples' locked chests. Only chests you can open.
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  11. It basically splices what you download into another map. I had an ocean on one side of me and parts of people's residences were chopped off. Its good and bad points were discussed in the thread I linked to above and you quoted from. I think Jeanz's playful use of this mod is perfectly legitimate.
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  12. That's what I thought. I have only used it a couple times really. It's pretty fun. Had to explain to frodoman on another thread that it's fine, you can't download it and steal someone's chest of diamonds.
  13. My res needs to be blowd up!
  14. I made sure when I downloaded my residence that I looked in every chest I had. I also walked to the town Shop so I could mine all those nice diamond and iron block displays :)
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  15. Okay thank you you guys for no hating and jumping to conclusions like some other people did. They thought i actually greifed lol.
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  16. I got the wireless reds
    I downloaded the wireless redstone mod so hehe
  17. new edition out.