blow up emc

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  1. all you need to do is use world downloader (get it at can use it on emc, so blow sumthing up or fill someones castle with slimes or what ever you want to do just post a pic or video of you doing it
    i blew up the shop on the utopia so much you can see the tutorial!!!
  2. dont explode my replica!
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  3. ooo god idea :p
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  5. my res 1before.jpg before 1after.jpg after
  6. This ......this is madness........
    Time for someone to get a SPARTA!!!!!! Kick
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  7. Is this legal? You could use this to get into peoples secret stuff.
  8. It only downloads the stuff you can see. Like stuff in your chests and unlocked chests if you open them. I won't be able to open your locked chest of diamonds therefor I won't be able to see them in the part of the world I downloaded.
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  9. My Replca Isnt There :D
  10. ohhh ok... what about things like Ice cream and hamburgers?
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  11. It downloads whatever is in a 140 block radius from sky limit to bedrock. Whatever you see in chests you can open. So if you used it in your res then you'd have yours and your neighbors' places. When you wander to the end of that 140 block radius stuff is cut off. You could be in town until you get there and houses be cut off and there be wilderness. I only used it for the wild outpost I'm in.
  12. please remember what this is about
  13. We know what this is about: Using world downloader to download and blow up parts of EMC. People were a bit afraid of what could happen, people were explaining that it was fine.
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  14. yes it is fine to download someones house and blow it up or fill it with villagers
  15. I suggest using redstone, and doing a demolition type thing, have all TNT go off at once.
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  16. you don,t half to blow it up do sunthing funny to it
  17. One big BOOM!
  18. Accidentally logs on the server, destroys everything he has, realizes he destroyed the real one, epic face palm!

  19. So I did this to burn down Max's tree once, but immediately died as i fell down from the tree and forgot that there is now fall damage, and there was such a long walk back i just redownloaded it again >_>

    Remember... your not invincible unless you convert the world to creative (or use SPC)
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  20. hmm thinking great idea:D remembers that can't get mods lol