Blocks Disappearing Bug With Sticky Pistons

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  1. I was trying to build a door that makes use of the 1 tick pulse on sticky pistons that keep the blocks extended in place when the sticky pistons retract. But when I power the pistons a second time to retract the blocks, they disappear. they don't end up in my inventory or break into entities either.
    (It works properly in vanilla Minecraft)
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  2. It's just a visual glitch on your end. I had this problem for a long while, and still do from time to time on larger builds. If you right click the block, it will update and show it again.
  3. It sounds like you want to build a t-flip-flop. You can try This design and see if it works for you.
  4. I'v done this with about 30 blocks now, and showed it to my friend. it is not a visual glitch, cause if it was, all the blocks in the roof would have moved, which they didn't. Also the roof above this door which, opens upwards, is more than 15 blocks tall so the pistons wouldn't have been able extended either, which they can. I am also able to walk through where the blocks have dissapeared and can also place new blocks there which wouldn't be possible if they didnt dissapear.
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  5. What i am tying to build is a door that uses this game mechanic to open and close the actual door which is 3 blocks wide & 2 blocks tall, entirely opening from the floor without seeing any pistons extended, but not a flipflop to turn if from an on/off state.
    (a bit of a clarification)
  6. The bug is valid. a fix is pending, but has not been deployed yet.
  7. Ok, thanks.
  8. I guess you could say... You found yourself in a bit of a sticky situation!


    I'll show myself out now.
  9. Hurray! I've been having this problem with my Wither Skeleton farm, glad to see you've finally found a fix. :D
  10. Well, I didn't. But just passing the info back, supposedly the fix should go out tonight.
  11. This is happing to me too
  12. It should be happening to everyone. I would discourage anyone from recreating this, as we will not replace missing blocks. ;)
  13. I have a gold farm that using a pressure plate to activate a piston. Will this be affected as well?
  14. As long as the pressure plate doesn't cause a 1 tick pulse to the piston, you shouldn't have an issue with your setup.
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  15. That's happened to me as well on a secret door I built
  16. I believe that I have seen this happen, so nice that it will be fixed, thanks.
  17. I am not sure if this bug is "fixed" yet, because now the blocks are becoming invisible and don"t have a hit-box. They turn invisible only after I start mining them. The pistons are unable to push the blocks back up after they are initially pulled own by the pistons.
    I'm also unable to place any blocks where the invisible blocks currently are.
    (I now have invisible blocks on my res that I cant build on)
  18. Well... at least they are not disappearing. ;) I don't know *shrugs*