Block Transmuter

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  1. Are you allow to use block transmuter or redstone/obsidian generator in the server?

    Reason why I ask is that the other server I was in does not allow it. Just checking to see if this is the case. Thx :)
  2. the obsidian generators yes... transmuters no..
  3. I didnt know there even were other kinds other than redstone to obsidian!! What other kinds are there ??
  4. I googled it. It's a glitch thing like sand generators.
  5. Oh ok
    I was hearing someone made one the other night ........
  6. I am pretty sure the block transmuters were fixed (the ones that changed wool colors, stone types, etc).
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  7. Why don't I know about these lol I thought I knew everything there was to know about MC lol
    Guess I was wrong :D
  8. Yes, this problem was fixed, as I have seen people try it. It didn't work. I am not TOTALLY sure which update, although it was recently.
  9. Pretty sure it existed in Bukkit-1.2.4dev but not in Bukkit-1.2.5. I might be wrong though.
  10. Something like that.
  11. I build one today, and it still works in 1.2.5.
    Either way, so block transmuter is a definite no no?
  12. there were sand gen since when?
  13. The only gen machines that are allowed are ones that use natural game mechanics to generate, and not some sort of unnatural glitch/exploit.. Redstone to Obsidian is a natural game mechanic as still lava meeting water creates obsidian naturally (placing redstone under lava considers the redstone occupied block to be a block of still lava as the lava falls to occupy the space). Just as moving lava into water creates cobblestone naturally.. Lava blade farms are legal too, in the wild only, as long as the spawns are natural from a spawner or darkroom.
  14. Sand gens are a glitch as it generates blocks that didn't exist naturally from one block. It is exploited in such a way that causes one block to occupy multiple place simultaneously spoofing the client to think it is several entities. Construction of such device is considered illegal in EMC and can cause you to become perma-banned.