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  1. So it was my first time logging on since the update. I ended up spawning in the middle of a giant ocean. Which was fine once I found myself in the Live Map. I apparently spawned in the far east area. So once I found this out, I decided to explore to the main spawn by boat.

    So I was just maxin', relaxin' all cool just sittin' in my boat in a giant water pool. When some chunk errors, they we're up to no good. Started causin' trouble in my neighbor hood. I got stuck in lag once and my Minecraft got sad and said, "Imma close out now, please don't get mad."

    So I ran into some serious lag. Apparently my boat was moving faster than the server could load the ocean, or something mundane like that. I'm just going to assume it was Herobrine, because only He would force me out of the game, cause my computer screen-cap to freeze up (srsly), and give me tons of chunk errors and lag. If you check out the SMP1 map in the Wilderness, you can see I made it halfway there. There is a small island just where my MC got hiccups and died. (I just imagined the name 'Lethal Hiccups'. That could be an epic band name)

    In any event, my own computer's screen-cap features may have been frozen, but my MC screen capping ability worked fine. So I'll share with you guys a couple things I saw.
    (This is a photo album^)

    What do you guys think?
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  2. Beautiful sunset. :D
  3. Prince of Bel Air?

    We support.