Block Logging

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  1. I made this thread to see what blocks are logged eg: bedrock
    Diamond Block's
    Dragon Egg's Ect........

    I am thinking about moving into the wilderness permanently and if I get griefed then I will have a trap for the griefer, I would have one if the breakable blocks that is logged in my home (it would probably be a diamond block) so that the chances of the griefer breaking the block has a higher chance, so if I would get griefed then I could ask a mod to check the logged blocks and the time frame to see who broke the block
  2. Signs are logged, but I think that its only when you place them not destroy them.
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  3. Nice idea.
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  4. We don't log the breaking of any blocks, so unfortunately placing diamond blocks in the wild as 'griefer traps' will likely only result in you giving griefers free diamonds. Best to wait for the wilderness update and be truly secure. :)
  5. Ok, thanks for that shaun.
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  6. yes IF you get one of them eggs lol which i will :)