Block Glitchers?

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  1. What's up with these guys?

    They keep on hopping my fences and going into my res when I don't want them there.

  2. You could either build a higher fence to make it harder to jump or you could block them from going on your property with "/res pset <player name> move false".
    Edit: You could also do "/res set move false" to block everyone but you from moving on your property.
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  3. Yes This happens allot but it only works when the client is slow or the server is lagging :/
  4. You can also do a /report, but block glitching is difficult for us to prove without seeing them do it. Screen shots are helpful, but one would need to be showing someone in the act to really prove anything.
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  5. Is "block glitching" a bannable offense? I remember reading a thread where one of the mods said that it was cool and to take it as a complement... someone thinks your lot is interesting.
    Higher walls are your best bet or just wall off sections you don't want people in. This is almost a sport rivaling parcour on EMC. It takes skills to get over anything higher than 2 blocks. Like I said earlier, make a nice wall if it bothers. Take it as a complement otherwise. If someone really starts to annoy you and you've already asked you to leave, remove their move rights. That shouldn't occur to often. We have an amazing community here, most people will leave after the first request.
    If you're into this sort of thing... Happy Jumping!
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  6. when you have parkour thats when block glitching is not cool
  7. I'd be inclined to agree with the moderator who said that block-glitching isn't really an offense. However, if you ask someone to leave and they don't, that is definitely a violation of the rules. Likewise, if you've asked someone not to block glitch onto your res and they continue to do it, that would definitely be trespassing. As alek09 pointed out, the best way to deal with it is to remove move perms from people.

    Block glitching in a parkour is cheating and any cheating violates the rules.
  8. If you build a high enough wall, when they get high enough up, the server thinks they're flying and kicks them.
  9. or you can just put the new pressure plate tp around the entrance
  10. Wait, so you can get banned for jumping a fence by place a block and jumping on it before it disappears? Well, hehe, I've NEVER done that.. hehe....
  11. i think it would be fun to include a block glitching segment into a parkour puzzle, it would add a different style of jumps into it
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  12. i have found places with very deep holes fenced adn i really wass interested
  13. "People" do it at /shop or /town sometimes, like: "Whoever gets to the top of /shop gets a free diamond!"

    Is it bannable? I don't really see much wrong with block glitching. Is it like the "no one younger than 13" rule?
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  14. People put fences for a reason, not to give the block jumpers a challenge
  15. i didnt put them up, when i first claimed my res back in october, the fence was already there
  16. I think, and don't quote me on it, that it was GameKribJeremy that said in a similar thread that it's not really an offense as it's not causing any harm.

    If you want privacy until you finish a build then /res set move false or build an overhang onto you walls which the jumpers can't get around.

    I often 'parkour' my way up builds if I want to pass a few minutes. Maybe have a wander around that Res to see what it's like.

    So in one sense, your Res is actually getting a bit of attention, which surely is nice, no?
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  17. We are currently building a parcour and the only way to disable block hopping is to place water below, cause they cant just high enough to place a block.
  18. Can't say I haven't block glitched before, and it's normally when I'm wandering the streets of town.. I'll see a res and think to myself "Ooh, this place looks nice" then I'll walk around the edge and if I can't find a way in I'll block glitch over the fence. Everything is safe in town so you have no fear of griefing :) All you may lose are a few eggs from chickens running loose. I see it as a form of flattery. I want to see what awesome creations you have, but have to be creative in a way to do it :)

    Come to think of it.. I think I might be sitting upon a $ sign at the shop on smp2 right now :p
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  19. this lag on the server glitched me into lava when i had ghast tears glowstone soul sand .... it would all be worth over 4000 R so if any admins see this can i have ive what i had or 4000 R thnx
  20. Not how it works. Anyone can claim they lost X amount of stuff worth X amount of rupees.