Blizz Ard / Super Turkey Locations

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. I don't think I've seen a thread about this before but I figured if anyone knew of locations (or as close as you could get) where you saw the notification about Blizz Ard or Super Turkey and you didn't want to hunt it yourself then you could post the SMP and coords here and those who like hunting could go find them.
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  2. I just follow Yanii around. She spawns all sorts of things for me to kill :D
  3. I thought more people would want to take advantage of this.

    I know a place where there are at least two Blizz Ards milling about. I haven't been able to find them yet but if someone is interested, they are on SMP8, PM me for coords.
  4. Any tips for finding them once you get to 0 chunks away? Also, there are at least 3 at Slime Time (the public slime farm) on smp8.
  5. I was finding a lot of Blizz Ards when they were spawning. The turkeys are harder I think because they do not leave a trail and do not track you.

    I usually mine near Bedrock, around y=12-ish. When I see a message I like to open the Debug console and find the middle of the chunk I am in. I mine as far as I can reach above me then block up. If I hit a cave I check to see if there is a snow path. If there is no cave I mine about 8 blocks in all four directions. If I find nothing I mine up again.

    Usually I'll find a cave and the Blizz Ard is right there pelting me with snow already. Sometimes they are on the surface. I've had a few spawn in little tiny pockets that I found that were between the plus shaped tunnels I made. If I reach the surface, I go back down and mine a side tunnel in each of the tunnels I made earlier in a swastika sort of shape.

    Over the weekend I passed through the Eastern Frontier Spawn on smp8 and was getting messages from three Blizz Ards and a turkey. I found one but that place is such a mess I gave up on the rest and continued on.