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  1. So I was out in the wild with one of my new friends, cutie_craft_. We went far out into the wild and I found a Bliz-Ard! The odd thing is, it was in a Mesa biome! Not just that, but it's August of 2015. This mob was introduced back at Christmas and should have ended in January. This Bliz-Ard was quite the traveler

    When I attach pictures they don't show up, so heres some links
  2. They don't despawn, so you may see some still around. Consider yourself lucky. =)
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  3. Oh I didn't know that! Thanks for letting me know :)
  4. i found one the other day, set difficulty to 10, with looting 3 sword and still got nothing xD
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  5. The Bliz-Ard noses drop from that mob, right? That's what I was hoping i'd get when I saw it. xD
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  6. yep :p
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